The following are downloadable studies for you to use and share. My goal is to one day have these studies completely useable for anyone and I hope to eventually write leader’s notes and other supplementary material to make them more user-friendly. For the moment, this is what I have. If there are any questions that you find difficult to understand or elements of these studies that you think I should clarify, feel free to contact me via the box below. The material offered on here is free, though if you wish to donate to Elephant Room you can do so HERE. All I ask is that you do not alter the material or edit the material and still call it an Elephant Room resource. If you have any questions about the material or you would like to suggest further studies for me to write, please contact me. NOTE: I am presently running the Elephant Room Support Group and will be uploading the studies week by week. Due to this, I recommend you keep coming back to download the studies as I upload them.

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